Friday Feelings 

Weight today 164lbs

Waist 79cm

Arms 30cm

Hips 106cm

Thighs 63cm

I slept late because of my weird shifts this week but also because i was glued to the election MAYHEM that was unfolding last night. Ha. See what I did there?

I’m also starting nightshift tonight so having a long lie is recommended!

Today is my first day following Kayla’s nutrition plan. I’m just trialing this while my bf is away to see if i like it. I started the day with poached eggs, asparagus and ryvita.

Later I then had a midday snack of muesli with yoghurt and raspberries.

Before my afternoon nap/pre nightshift nap I also had my planned afternoon snack…


For dinner i had sweet and sour chicken. I was really impressed by this recipe- again taken from the kayla app. 

I then got myself ready to come to work. Someone at work made cake….and while i know that i should be resisiting it….it’s the first time i had seen her since a very difficult shift we had and well I felt guilty about saying know. It was very good cake. 

Im not quite sure what day to track this in because it is now 0115….


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