Quick recap

It has been a difficult week. I stood on the scales this morning and I was higher than ever. I had been on a bit of a roll last week after returning to the flat from home. I got my eating under control and was making healthy choices. We then had quite a big weekend and that threw everything off. I then had to work 1600-0200 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I always end up gaining weight when i’m on these shifts. It results in me eating late and not eating regularly and I have struggled for a long time to get this under control. I find that when I get up i’m not very hungry usually because i’ve eaten late, i then don’t end up eating enough before work, end up starving at work and eat too much when I get home. I feel so rubbish about myself after working these shifts. I’m starting nightshift tomorrow too which is slightly better but still doesn’t make me feel great.

One thing I would say i’ve done well on this week is my exercise regime. I’ve really stuck with the sweat with Kayla plan. I have done my workout at planned every day and I have been sticking with my squat challenge. I know that I need to working on increasing how much cardio i’m getting in but I do really struggle on weeks when i’m working 60 hours.

The other thing that didn’t help this week that I wasn’t prepared with meals. I didn’t have time to do a big shop at the weekend because my sister was visiting. So I ended up eating what we had in already.

My boyfriend is going on a stag do this weekend and i’m on nightshift so i’ve done a big shop today and i’m hoping to trial Kayla’s eating plan this weekend. I’ve not bought in any treats but instead lots of healthy foods. I’m actually looking forward to it. I feel so much better about myself when I eat well.

So it’s a big of a weird day to make a planj for the next few days but once I start my nightshifts I know I won’t have time to think about it.

Friday – 1 hour gym session and fully body kayla workout

Saturday – 1 hour gym session after work

Sunday – 1 hour gym session after work

Monday – Legs day!




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