June Goals

Weight today 161lbs

In 113 days I will be going to America!!! I’m going over for a friends wedding and making a holiday out of it at the same time. I am so excited but I really really need to get in shape. I’ve made zero progress in May which makes sense with all the birthday parties i’ve been attending. In June I need to refocus on myself and my health and fitness rather than on social events. I think consistency is key. I need to stick with small changes in June.

I’m going to track my progress on the scales but also using measurements – i’ve got a measuring tape arriving tomorrow. Woop!

June Goals

  • Restart sweat with Kayla and be consistent
  • Run 3 times per week
  • Run minimum of 30 miles in June
  • 3 hours of cardio/week
  • 1000 calorie deficit per day as per fitbit plan
  • Track food on fitbit
  • Complete squat challenge

Weight goals 

Friday 2nd June – 161lbs

Friday 9th June – 160lbs

Friday 16th June – 159lbs

Friday 23rd June – 158lbs

Friday 30th June – 157lbs

Losing 4 pounds in one month. Not too much to ask, right?

Let’s do this!


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