Weight this morning 161lbs

I dont know how my weight was down this morning but it was. I haven’t had time to exercise. I was home for a couple of days and then had to come down for my boyfriends birthday. I then have been working 10 hours each day the last two days. I guess I havent had much time to eat much either. I’ve been working 12-22 both days which results in a very odd eating pattern. 

I am working all weekend and have been invited for an interview for a new job next week. I dont know when im going to prepare. 

I am feeling very stressed at the moment. I only have one free day in May. There are times when I literally just feel like crying and screaming that i can’t do it all but i havent quite got there yet. I’ve had 3 birthdays to contend with this month. Two of which are special ones and are involving multiple celebrations and sometimes it feels like im the only one who is organising things despite the fact that im missing some of the celebrations because of my work committments. 

Anyway. Rant over.

I’ve eaten quite a few carbs. I hardly had time to eat today so i came home and had a pizza, birthday cake and a vodka. Eek!!!

Yummm! Not very weight friendly however. 

As always i need sleep!!!! I havent had time to track my food today but i managed to do my 10000 steps. 

Bed time for me!


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