Weight- 162lbs

I had another long lie until 11am. I say long lie but that was only 7 hours sleep. I got up and did a Kayla work out. I missed the legs day on Monday so i decided to do that. I was sweaty!!!!

I then had breakfast made for my by my lovely boyfriend. I had eggs, bacon and avocado. Yum!

He also then made a bbc good food recipe for me to take to work. It was a chickpea, chorizo and sweat potato hash:) 

I then had to get myself to work for my final shift!!! 60 of 60 hours doneeeee. It was hard work. I felt really tired on the shift. 

Im now home and it is nearly 3am. Im getting a very early train tomorrow morning so that i can visit home for some special birthdays. Eek! I better go to bed. 

I’ll leave you with my fitbit screenshots…


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