Weight today 162lbs

I did a lot of talking in my sleep last night apparently. I managed to go to bed around 3.15 am which is a bit earlier than i normally manage on a twilight shift. I felt the benefit of it. I had set an alarm for 10am but slept through it and only wakened at 10.45 when the postman buzzed to deliver a parcel. He must have thought i was so lazy still being in my pyjammas on such a beautiful day. 

I came back upstairs and made a cup of tea with semi skimmed milk and had a handful of almonds. I wasn’t hungry enough for breakfast yet so I did some admin tasks and then decided to get my workout done. Ive not been the best at sweating with Kayla this week but i did the full body workout as planned today.

I then also did the same arm workout from yesterday. Following that I jumped in the shower and then got started on my food for the day. I made a beef chilli using a slimming world recipe and made some cauliflour rice to take to work. I had such a random brunch!! Avocado, eggs, bacon and ryvita. It was actually really good. 

I then sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and signed up again for the London Marathon ballot!! Exciting. 

Sadly i couldn’t sit outside in the sun for too long as I had to be at work for 4pm.

Work was tough. The shift seemed to drag on and then it ended up busy towards the end so i got away late. For dinner i had the chilli and cauliflour rice i made earlier. I then had some left over chilli when i got in- I was quite peckish. 

My total calories and breakdown looked like this…

Now I’m going to get some much needed rest. I am very tired. 


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