4th May 2017

Weight this morning was 162.5

I had a lovely long lie until 10am. I’m working 60 hours this week so i needed it. 

This morning i had bacon and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes. Yum. I had a mug of tea with some semi skimmed milk. I then realised i had an appointment at the bank at 11am and not 11.15 so i was rushing around. 

Once I came back from the bank i did some home dvd workouts. I used the 10 minute solutions dvd and did 3 of them. I really liked the arm one. 

My lunch was delicious. 

Don’t know what happened to the boiled egg!

Throughout the day i snacked on nuts and seeds.

For dinner I had a salad at work. I also took some nuts and a couple of babybel.

I was quite snacky by the time i got home from work at 2.30am, so i had some ryvita, soft cheese and prawns. 

My total calories for the day was 1329 and my calorie breakdown according to fitbit was 10% carbs 53% fat and 37% protein.

All in all a reasonable day. Now im off to sleep. Another 10 hour shift to do tomorrow. 

Night x


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