May Goals

Weight today 162lbs

Blah. Feeling rubbish about my weight but not as bad I have felt in the past. Anyway, I need to re-focus and set some goals. New month…new me….or whatever.

My exercise regime is rubbish at the moment. I literally have no routine. I keep chopping and changing what i’m doing. I think what I need to focus on this month is consistency. i need to try and stick with something for at least a month!!! Then I might see some changes.

May Eating Goals

  • Track food on fit bit
  • Reduce carb intake
  • Drink 2L of water per day
  • 20% or less of calorie intake from carbs

Fitness goals

  • Run at least 2 miles every day
  • Follow Sweat with Kayla app
  • Arm exercises every day

Weight Goals

Friday 5th May – 160lbs

Friday 12th May – 158lbs

Friday 19th May – 156lbs

Friday 26th May – 154lbs



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