Weekly Review

I started out really well this week but found that life got in the way towards the end. I found work highly stressful this week. I had to stay late etc and I did not make time for working out. I found myself sleeping later towards the end of the week which meant I had less time to workout. The scale was down 2 pounds but it’s definitely back up over the weekend. I have been way off plan this weekend. I was pleased with my pace on the first run of the week but the second run was tough – I felt like I was running through mud.


This week I have run twice and worked out 3 times in total.

  • 5.64 miles @09:48
  • 5.6 miles @ 10:14

11.2 miles total


I’ve been tracking my syns each day. I had over my syn allowance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week I managed to stick to my allowance. I’ve definitely overdone it this weekend. Need to get back on plan tomorrow.


The scale was down 2 pounds this week. Hoping to maintain this this week considering my weekend. My current weight is 156lbs.

I’m working Monday Tuesday and Thursday this week. I’m hoping to do short runs on my work days and then do a long one on Wednesday on my day off. I feel ready to get back on plan with my eating because all of this junk food and alcohol really does not make me feel good.


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