Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Somehow we are at the end of January already. I’m finding that having monthly goals is really helping me to focus. I might not necessarily be meeting those goals all the time but it is giving me something real to work towards.

My January goals were to track my food on my fit bit, to workout 4-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes and to go to mass.

I was tracking my food initially on my fitbit but more recently I have been tracking using another programme. I have followed the slimming world plan in the past and I really like it. I do appreciate that it makes you buy into a brand but I do think it teaches you how to eat well and cook well. The one thing that I found was a problem with it was that it was difficult to track food and “syns”. I need to track in order to be successful but I also need that tracking to be convenient – carrying around multiple sheets of paper is just not convenient. I have recently discovered that Slimming world does have a weight loss planner on their website. It is not as convenient as having an app but i’m enjoying using it at the moment. So I might not be tracking on my fitbit but i’m tracking in another way.

EXERCISE. I’m doing ok with this. Unfortunately at the end of the week beginning the 9th of January I came down with a virus so I didn’t meet my exercise goals that week. However, for the week beginning the 16th of January I managed to workout 4 times for over 30 minutes.

I also went to mass this month. I know that ideally we should go weekly but I work a lot of weekends and i have been on multiple shifts recently and have had an exam. Going once a month currently is my goal and I will try to build from there.

I think i’m managing to slowly make changes and reach my goals. The good news is that I sat my exam on Monday so now I have more time to focus on my health and fitness goals. This week i’m continuing to focus on tracking my food using the weight loss planner on slimming world and i’m aiming to fit in my workouts despite working late for the next 3 days.


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