January Goals

I know it’s already mid January but I did actually set myself some goals at the start of the month. I just haven’t had time to put pen to paper as i’ve been working so much. I worked some of Christmas and all of New year and then i’ve been on nightshift for the last week or so. I now finally have time off to catch my breath which is good (mainly to study for an exam but that is another story).

A lot of people have different opinions on whether or not you should set New Years Resolutions. I feel it is really up to the individual. January seems as good a time as any to think about goals and past achievements and changes you would like to make. One thing I find however is that I do usually forget about them come March time. I decided this year to set some “January” goals instead. I kept them quite simple.

  1. Track my food on my fitbit
  2. Workout 4-5 times per week for at least 30 mins
  3. Go to mass

So how have I been doing?

Week beginning 2/1/17

  • 6 workouts: 2x 30 minute runs, 2x fitstar personal trainer workout, 2x kayla workouts
  • I tracked my food each day between 2-7th. On the 8th I only tracked breakfast
  • I did not go to mass this week.

Week beginning 9/1/17

  • So far this week I have done 3 workouts. I have done one 30minute run, one 20 minute run and one 30 min fitstar workout. I did the fitstar workout on the same day as a run. I need to fit in another 2 workouts to reach my goal this week
  • I have not been so good with tracking food. This is an excused but I was on nightshift. I only tracked on the 9th and the 12th and not even the full days food.
  • I’m planning to go to mass this weekend as i’m off.

The first week was a lot better than the second week of January. I’m doing not so badly with the workouts but i’m not doing so good with tracking my food. I’m going to try and track as much as I can this week coming. I need to know where my weak areas are and how much i’m actually eating. Then I might be able to work out where I can make improvements.


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